failure in youth

In this dull world, my emotions are also getting stale little by little.
Leaving my right footprint is the last resistance that I have.

I cut off my hair so I will not feel regret pulling at it from behind.
However, thanks to that I felt relieved and I could see though the bullshit.

This shit world left behind my friends, my time, my places and my feelings of the past, and they can’t come back.
And it scoffs at me as if saying "Living the fast life is foolish".

The clamor tangled in my grown-out hair.
The anxiety heaped in my black lungs.
In the bygone days, I leave my everything in the room that I locked. 

I'm off.

鈍る感情 鈍い世界
右の足 跡刻むは抗い

後髪 引かれぬよう裁ち
身体軽く 世界を越える

戻らぬ 人 時 場所 想い

伸びた髪 絡む喧騒
汚れた肺 留まる憂
在りし日 かけた鍵の中