spring vexation

The noble flowers had fallen before the spring came.
Their shrill voices were flying about in the car.

Their dumb brains had lost some of their intellectual power.
What little identity they have will soon fall.

What's the meaning of your words?
What's the meaning of your life?
Your mouth spat some lies, to conceal the tail of your own vanity.

I'm leading the life of a cynic.
There's nothing to obstruct the view.
I'm in the Minority. So I smoke deeply and deeply.

I will sharpen the edge of my senses, to catch the tail of your pack of lies. 
The moment I find it, The tail will be cut off by my song.


刹那 自己は散る

何を言わん 何をせん
口 虚を積み 姿遮り

斜に構え 視界冴え 
少数派として 煙を巻く

研ぐ五感 尾の先捉え
俄 切り落とし 暴く